android auto not working

Why Android Auto Not Working: Easy Fixing Guide 2020

Fix Android Auto Honda Does Not Connect Via Bluetooth

android auto not working

if android auto not connecting with Bluetooth, try some of these tricks to solve the problem.

  • The first way to eliminate the configuration of the connected vehicle following the guide. We mentioned in the previous item and that are not connected in the third image. Once you remove all connected cars from android auto apps, start the process again from start.
  • A second option is to take a look at the Auto Start settings in the Android Auto app to make sure there are no burden on paired car or smartphone.

To do this, go to Settings =>Phone screen settings => Automatic start. Make sure the first option turned on and set the device to auto start. If you want to terminate any possibility of error then configure that option from start by removing the linked Mazda android auto or any device.

And a third option is to unlink the smartphone and the android auto Honda or any car directly from the Bluetooth connection. Go to Settings of the android auto app and look for the option that allows you to reset the Bluetooth data.

Then select the device you want to unlink and choose “Forget” or “Unlink” depending on the option offered by your device.

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