Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing: Solving Guide 2023

Does your Amazon fire stick keeps freezing? Or the Fire TV remote not working? Don’t be worried. It is not a big issue for Tv millions of users, and this page lets users know how to get rid of this issue.

The firestick is a well-known streaming media player that is available in the market. It’ll let you enjoy different contents from different online channel providers like Netflix, prime video, STARZ, and so much more. 

Though it is a reliable device, there has to example if the Fire TV remote is not working or Amazon fire stick freezing.

This useful post will provide you everything that you should know to fix, pair, or change the remote with some other valuable guidelines for your dependable gadget.

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Guideline: If Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing

Amazon Remote Control

When the Firestick remote stopped working, you can follow the previous troubleshooting steps. But if you can see that the firestick keeps freezing is still now after repairing the remote, you should go after the below tips. 

1. Factory Defaults Settings: How to restart amazon fire stick Firestick

In this section, I’m going to explain how to restart amazon fire stick. Just follow step by step solution.

  • Hold down the home button for three seconds, and this will pop up over to settings
  • Select my fire tv.
  • Go to the setting option of the firestick.
  • Search “restore to the factory default settings.”
  • Select the “factory reset” button.
  • Wait for the firestick to reset to factory default.
  • Now you have to re-login or re-register in the Amazon account.

I’m gonna show you another factory reset firestick 4k process.

  • Hold down the Firestick Tv remote and press together the center button and the play button or pause button at the same time for 10 to 15 seconds, not a couple of minutes. Just hold both of those buttons down for 10 to 15 seconds, not minutes.
  • So the center button in the play button 10 to 15 seconds, and the Firestick TV is powering off.
  • This is a factory reset for firestick.
  • Go ahead and turn it off and turn it back within minutes.

So on these tips should fix 99% of your Amazon fire stick keeps freezing issues.

2. Power-Cycle The firestick

In most cases, disconnect or re-connect the firestick. This way is more effective and efficient to work your device again. This is such a well-known procedure to get rid of the error.

There are a few other ways to restart firestick devices as well as have to emphasize on controlling power on the process. 

3. Check And Recheck The Ppower Supply

Though it is reasonable and also common sense, you may sometimes be able to forget it to check the firestick keeps losing connection or power supply source of the firestick.

If your remote or other steps don’t work, you have to check and recheck the power supply source or the TV’s plug. Badly your power source is not working or damage you should buy a new one Amazon remote control4. What Need To Do With The Unresponsive Display

When the Firestick TV is the completely unresponsive display, you can do them:

  • Make sure that your TV is on.
  • Set up a similar device with the same channel.
  • At first, unplug and then plug the HDMI cable again.
  • If the existed cable or HDMI port doesn’t work, try to replace it with another new cable.
  • Disconnect another connection that already connects with the HDMI cable.
  • If all of them won’t work, you have to try a new direct connection with the fire stick TV.

5. Restart : How to restart amazon fire stick

If your Amazon fire stick keeps freezing, you have to try to fix it restart the device again.

  • Simply unplug the cable of the device from the power source.
  • Then plug it again and use your Fire tv remote to on the firestick again.
  • But before plug it again, you need to wait at least 30 seconds.

This is a useful troubleshooting process for this device.

Fix: Firestick Remote Not Working

I have instructed a few outlines when the firestick remote not working. Read on one-by-one tips, and I am sure the Amazon remote control will start working again very soon.

1.  Replace The Remote Batteries

amazon fire stick keeps freezing

When you see that the firestick remote not working, you can assume that the batteries have been damaged or Amazon fire TV remote batteries die.

This is really true that if you use the remote constantly, it can lose its batteries life. In this case, you can replace the batteries and try your remote again.

  1. Put pressure on the backside of your remote with the help of your thumbs. Press it down and uncover the remote batteries place slightly.
  2. Left corner the remote back cover and get away the batteries from the remote.
  3. Place in the latest batteries.
  4. Again wrap the remote.
  5. Now solve the firestick remote not working problem.

2. How To Pair Fire Stick Remote

how to pair firestick remote

Sometimes tv users can notice that the issue can be the common reasons by remote not paired fire stick remote. To ensure that it will be paired perfectly, track the following steps listed below.

  1. Click on the button “Home” on your remote and hold it for 10 seconds. The remote should pair off with the TV within a moment.
  2. If it doesn’t pair, you have to firestick power adapter replacement or unplug the remote control adapter from the fire TV or the wall outlet.
  3. When the fire TV has gotten off, you have to reset the TV remote by clicking the button “Menu” then the button “Back” and holding all of the buttons for 10 seconds to work correctly. It’ll assist you to remove the setting of the fire TV from your remote.
  4. Remove the batteries from the remote and also plug the TV now. Wait to display the Home screen.
  5. Put the TV remote batteries back into the remote and wait again for a moment.
  6. If your TV remote is still not paired, you should press the “Home” button and hold it for 10 seconds back.

3. Check The Remote Compatibility

Users don’t need to do it with the latest or newest fire TV remote. If you get a second hand or third party remote and it won’t work. You should check the compatibility of it.

4. Apply The Fire TV Remote Application

If you have an Android device, you can go to the particular amazon Application stores or download the Fire Tv remote application. You will allow using the smartphone as a remote control and then connecting with a similar network as the firestick TV.

5. Replacement Fire Stick Remote

These are the last and final tips, and you can apply them when the previous tips don’t work; you have to assume this existing remote won’t work more. So, users have to replace the Firestick remote battery with the new one.

The common reasons for replacement firestick remote is a new feature and new remote.

Wrap Up

In summary, it is confirmed that the one way will work to fix- Amazon fire stick keeps freezing. You can try them one by one, just taking some time. They will allow you to fix the issue at home and take a short to do it.

We have already shared all the possible solutions to amazon fire stick kodi keeps freezing issue. After all that, you will get a new idea that you also may share with our comment box.

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