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What Is The Amazon Customer Service Number?: Best Guide 2020

What is the customer service number for Amazon

So, you are searching for Amazon customer service number, which means you have already know who they are.

Amazon is an e-commerce company and headquarters of it in the USA that stand with hundreds of millions of consumers internationally. Amazon prepares all the time for a ton of customer calls each and every day for any services.

To control the largest sectors of them, they employ about 341,400 people to provide their customers with the best services.

 Well, if you are their customer, you can connect with them by the names, Inc, Amazon Prime, Prime and also Amazon Seller.

Let’s know how to get and how to use Amazon customer service number.

Amazon 24/7 Customer Service

amazon customer service number USA 2018

Amazon prime customer service number please. Yes, why not? If you have any issues with services or any questions for information, you must Amazon contact number.

You can use Amazon customer service chat/Amazon customer service email address or Amazon customer service number to contact them for any Amazon complaint or other issues. It is just an ordinary course of action, and you have the right to inform essential subjects.

But when you need to contact them, first you should make a schedule for the call or chat with the representative to discuss your problem. And Amazon 24/7 customer service is always ready for you. So, don’t be worried, just go and dial their number.

If you don’t like to use the contact page of Amazon directly, you have another option to reach the customer service directly, calling 1 (888) 280-4331 Amazon. Through this number, you can speak with the representative, and you can get a fair solution to your issue very quickly.

Different Amazon Customer Service Number

amazon customer service number

If you are dialling from the USA, you have to dial on 866-216-1072 that is Amazon customer service number USA 2018.

From Canada, you have to dial 877-586-3230. Using this number, you can contact the Amazon representative from Canada.

Without the USA & Canada, if you want to call from other countries, you have to use their international number 1-206-266-2992.

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Best Amazon Customer Service Number

Best Amazon Customer Service Number

The best toll-free number of Amazon is 800. Hold current time is not real-time to call and tools to skip right by phone lines to reach the Amazon agent. We marked this phone number as the best number because most of the consumers liked it used for contact with Amazon.

But there was a frequent issue by the customer care till reply of called to 888-280-4331, counting return an order or missing delivery, login issue and other problems.

In total, Amazon has only one phone number that opens for 24/7 hours, according to the customers. But it is not clear that is the best system to chat with the Amazon agent. So, we can follow some instructions that we have already shared with you in this post.

Why do you call Amazon Customer Service Number?

Why do you call Amazon Customer Service Number

There are a lot of reasons for what you may call Amazon customer service, including:

  • Question for the status about on the order
  • Call for request only just refunds or exchange
  • Call for updating Amazon account
  • Call for Amazon my account information
  • Call for asking about debit, credit, and other gift cards
  • Call for technological supporting service
  • Call for Amazon prime membership
  • Call for getting help with a gift card of Amazon

Best Practices to Call Amazon Customer Service Number

Best Practices to Call Amazon Customer Service Number

While you have decided to call immediately on Amazon customer service number directly, you should try to know what they prefer to query the following online system.

  • Visit the Amazon contact page where you will get a request for a callback.
  • You will get another page of them for a series question from where the representative will call you according to your issues.
  • After fixing for calling directly, you must be awarded that they will send you a text for verification, and you have to respond before taking with the representative.
  • Before calling, you should note down details in front of you so that you can ask them smartly and don’t miss any query.  
  • Keep a short note about your order or products that have selected and what you want to learn about it.

What Types of issues Will Amazon Allow To Resolve?

Amazon customer service is determined for many issues, including:

  • Approved requests for refund or exchange
  • Determine for initialling returns
  • Determine for investigating charges
  • Determine for addressing any issues
  • Determine to identify the theft or frauds
  • Determine to give support any technical issue
  • Determine to help the members using online streaming service

What Will Be Fixed By Calling Amazon?

When most of the issues can be set on by calling on customer numbers with Amazon, there have a few situations that can require different approaches:

  • The representative of Amazon can approve any approved return and send the paid shipping label that you may use for returning products. So, you have to package the item and arrange for pick up it for shipping back to Amazon. Amazon partners will accept your return package with the help of other retail stores.
  • In some cases, Amazon has some difficulty in delivering your package directly to your specific home address. The main reason for it that you or your family members are away for the day and mayn’t sign for the package. In this case, you can be capable of arranging to get your parcels delivered to Amazon locker at a local business.
  • Amazon allows its customers to contact the third party, which works for shipping their product to the specific addresses in just time.
  • Third-party vendors will use the Amazon platform to sell any products to the customers. If you selected a product to purchase by the third-party vendors, you have knowledge delay as Amazon customer service may urge you to labour things out with the trade, just investing after a particular amount of time can go by.  

What Should You Do When You Don’t Get a Resolution?

If your call to Amazon won’t be successful, don’t give up. You can be able to attain a declaration that will work well for you.

  • Check your email from Amazon customer service email address( ) where they asked you about the customer’s service knowledge. Representative displeasure can often activate your reply from Amazon as well as a mechanical appreciation of your holder.
  • If you didn’t note down your specific questions during the call, you jot down that you remembered. These details will be practical when re-contacting with Amazon.
  • Call again on Amazon customer service number, and you can get a different representative that may have different skills to realize your case.
  • You can try Amazon customer service chat that may be easier to communicate by writing. You will be allowed to save the chat copy for later. Do it because this record will be helpful for try to work out the issue with Amazon.

Wrap up

Amazon is an international and famous e-commerce company of today. Now it becomes a more desirable place for online shopping. You can shop any things or any items from your grocery to hobbyist things you will purchase from here.

So, it is also essential for you to know the Amazon customer service number that makes your job easy and simple. Plus, it will help you to take help from a representative of Amazon. Now, remember the correct phone number and use it, maintaining all rules.

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